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User Guide

When Setup is installed a new tab will be added on mails opened for reading from Inbox.

Step 1) Click on the Attach Mail Button on the TFS Integration tab. A window will be opened to select TFS server. by default all the cached TFS servre will be displayed. If the client machine is used for the first time to connect with TFS then there will not be any cached TFS Server(Follow Step 2 to Connect to a new TFS Server)

Step 2) If the TFS server is not displayed click on the server button and enter the TFS details
New TFS Server.png
New Server Defenition.png

Step 3) Select the TFS server, Team Project Collections and Team Projects

Step 4) Click on Connect, A new window will be opened Which shows the TFS Server details and WorkItem Query Control and WorkItem Grid.
Select WorkItem.png

Step 5) Write the Work Item Querty and click on "Run Query". All the WorkItem will be displayed in the Grid
Select WorkItem Query.png

Step 6) Select a WorkItem from the grid by clicking on the desired WorkItem and click on Attach button.
Attach Work Item.png

Click on Refresh button will be clearing Query Control and WorkItem grid

To connect to new TFS server click on "Connect TFS"

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MelanieCodePlex Feb 13 at 7:40 AM 
Setup completed successfully, but when I click on "Attach Mail" button in TFS Integration, a MessageBox with the text "Err!!!" occurs. I would really like to use the tool so PLEASE HELP. Thanks in advance...

pabrams Mar 27, 2015 at 4:39 PM 
Setup completed successfully, but I don't see any 'TFS Integration' tab.