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Can't make this work in Outlook 2007 (Windows 7 64bit)

Sep 26, 2011 at 5:15 PM


I have downloaded and installed the Outlook 2007 version, after starting Outlook up I get prompted to install it (I agree) but then nothing appears on screen.

I can see it in the Add-ins manager, but it's listed as "Inactive". I then try to enable it, but when I re-start Outlook again I still see the add-in in the Inactive list. I tried re-adding it but if I select the Outlook2007TFSAddIn.vsto file in the file dialog I get the error "C:\Program Files\...\Outlook2007TFSAddIn.vsto" is not a valid Offic Add-in. The same happens if I select the Outlook2007TFSAddIn.dll file.

Any ideas?