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Outlook TFS Addin

Today - Team Foundation Server has very good integration capabilities with Office components for improving the collaboration and make information workers produce and integrate their artifacts with the current projects. One of the popular communication model is Microsoft Outlook where we get requirements customers, drive the updates and clarifications. In order to associate this communication back to a work item in TFS - we have a challenge and it need to be dealt in manual mode.

In a typical software development scenario there are a lot of mail communication taken place among different project stake holders and it is often required to save these mails against a Work Item in TFS. There are no in built addins available with outlook to perform this task.

Here is the solution which addresses this need. OutlookTFS Addin helps us to save outlook mails directly to any workitem we select. Addin provides the flexibility to connect to a TFS Server, search work items and attach the mail to the TFS Project work items

Features of OutlookTFSWorkItem
  • Ability to query WorkItem
  • Associate Outlook mail as a attachment to a work item in TFS

There are two different versions for this addin which works with Outlook 2007/2010 and TFS 2010. Depending on the Outlook client version(2007/2010) you can download the setup and install

For more details on Installation and prerequisites refere below link
Installation and Prerequisites

OutlookTFSAddin is very easy to use. Follow the link for User Guide

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